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Archive for December 2015

Oil Theft Continues to Climb in Eagle Ford Shale

Oil theft in Texas has existed since the earliest days of the oil industry and today, is often linked to Mexico’s drug trafficking, especially in the Eagle Ford. The issue of the drug cartels exploiting the Eagle Ford Shale’s network of private roads has been a concern since 2012 when officials realized that by had…

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Using Technology to Reduce Security Costs – Case Study

One obvious challenge with a traditional guard service was the monthly cost of the security guard personnel. The potential for cost savings provided by GateHawk was the primary reason Pitre decided to explore the option.  Although Express Weld was generally satisfied with their security guard provider it became quickly apparent that, in addition to cost…

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Technology as Force Multiplier

For the past decade, the US has seen a remarkable resurgence of its energy industry through the advances of exploration technology in its shale plays. This revitalization has brought unprecedented prosperity, not only to the oil and gas companies, but to the communities in which they operate. Unfortunately, as anyone in the industry with a…

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